We view your organisation as unique and tailor our services to harness your culture.

Culture Transformation

  • We provide culture surveys and tools to assess and diagnose culture in organisations and develop values based strategies and plans to support culture alignment and deep culture shift.

  • We use OD based methodologies and tools to design customised interventions to inform organisational behaviour and enable business effectiveness.

  • Design of appropriate strategies and plans to facilitate employee engagement and increase staff morale.

  • Assistance with crafting Employee Value Propositions that increase your talent capabilities.

  • Facilitating authentic, honest and constructive conversations to increase team and leadership cohesion.

Organisational Development Services

  • We use our specialist diagnostic capabillities for issue identification and design customised interventions that best respond to emerging themes.

  • We use creative and fun ways to open the channels of communication and collaboration within teams and across divisions of your organisation.

  • With a strong organisational development foundation, we are able to support you in both design and implementation of change plans together with working with deeper underlying issues that give rise to change resistance in your organisation.

Individual & Leadership Coaching

  • We partner with individuals and leaders at all levels, to build personal mastery skills and unlock their full potential through an integrated coaching approach supported by appropriate development assessment tools.

  • We support leaders with team management strategies to help improve team effectiveness and performance.

  • Design and development of leadership development toolkits to support culture transformation and change efforts.

Psychometric Assessments

  • We support organisations in their recruitement efforts to help you make better hiring decisions. Our consultants are accredited on personality, cognitive ability, aptitude and EQ tools.

  • Through the use of psychometric assessments supported by our suite of culture and OD tools, we are able to identify strenths and development opportunities for leaders, individuals and teams to release and leverage potential in your business.

Strategic Human Capital Consulting

  • We support human captital teams in the design and development of their human capital strategies that integrate and support business strategy.

  • We help you design and shape an authentic and differentiated EVP to increase your talent attractiveness and enhance employee satisfaction.

  • We partner with your internal human capital teams to design your wellbeing strategy and framework and help you consider suitable initiatives to embed wellness as part of your organisational culture.