Your Culture - Your Advantage

Your culture is unique to your organisation - it shapes your brand identity, improves employee retention and motivates your people.

Our focused interventions will help you and your employees deal with consistent changes and volatility. We equip your organisation to execute and deliver its strategy with excellence.

  • Assessing and analysing personal, current and desired values and designing culture transformation programmes to support personal, team and organisational shifts.

  • Using creative and fun methodologies we open up channels of communication and collaboration across teams and support your strategic change management initiatives.

  • Individual, Leadership and Executive Coaching.

  • We offer a range of psychometric assessments that amongst others, include personality, aptitude, cognitive abilities and EQ assessments.

  • Design and implementation of Human Capital strategies and related value chain initiatives.

Our commitment is to enhance value from within your organisation.

About Us

Passionately assisting organisations, teams and individuals to reach their full potential.

Founded on the premise of positively impacting organisations – HomeGround Advantage collaborates with clients to design the best solution for their unique environment. We are one of a handful of centres in South Africa offering accredited Barrett Values Centre training. We offer diagnostics to assess your culture and provide specialist support and coaching to transform the culture. Making use of various techniques, we will help you get the best from your people, teams and organisation.

HomeGround Consulting offers accredited, Barrett Values Centre training.

Are you grappling with any of the following questions for your organisation or team?

What is your organisation solving for?

  • How do I get my team to work together?
  • How productive are our employees? How do we remove obstructions in their daily work lives so that they can deliver on their specialist technical abilities and meet our targets?
  • How do I know if my employees are engaged and giving of their best?
  • What is the culture of our team? Is our culture positive or does it need some work? What kind of culture do we want to portray?
  • Does our culture align with our strategy?
  • What do we need to do to work together optimally as a team?
  • The team’s morale is low - how do we increase morale, satisfaction and create a more productive team?
  • Is the way we do things around here working for us? What do we need to do to change how we do things?
  • Why is our business underperforming?

How can we help you?

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Driving engagement from within your organisation.

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